Thursday, 27 December 2018

2019 Reading Challenge Sign-ups

'Tis the season to overestimate how many reading challenges you can complete in a year. I think I've completed less than half of the ones I joined this year (we'll see when I write the final wrap-up post) and I completely forgot about the check-ins and link-ups, but onwards and upwards!
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My TBR is currently plotting my murder, so I'm planning to focus on cutting it down to a size I can actually fight off. I was going to forbid myself from buying any more books until I'd gotten through it, but then I remembered a graphic novel I need to read that's coming out in April and decided that that qualified as cruel and unusual punishment.

I'm going to aim for Mount Blanc - read 24 books from your TBR pile. It's only the second level, but I don't have anywhere near enough unread books to aim for Everest or Olympus!
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That said, I am an unapologetic lover of libraries. I have multiple cards which will come in very handy for this next challenge. I'm only going to aim for the first level (Dewey Decimal - 12 books) because I'm supposed to be focusing on my out of control TBR.

We interrupt this post for a not-so-subtle plug for my own 2019 reading challenge, Ivyclad Bingo. There's still time to sign up! Just click on the board and follow the instructions.
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I read far more backlist books than I do new releases, so this one's a no-brainer. Apparently you have to post a tentative to-read list, so here's a link to my Goodreads shelf. It doesn't have my whole TBR on yet, but I'll fix that soon.

(She says.)
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I should be writing discussion posts every month. This will be a good reminder. My personal goal is twelve, falling within the Creative Conversationalist band, because I don't want to find myself blogging more than writing.

You may have noticed that I'm not taking any genre-based challenges this year. That's because I've realised I don't read enough of any one genre to make a good go of them. Except for graphic novels. If you happen to find any challenges for those, send them my way.

Are you joining any 2019 challenges?