Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Announcing Ivyclad Bingo 2019!

Ivyclad Bingo is back for 2019, because why break a habit? 

The rules are simple. 

1. Make a post on your blog announcing your participation -

(Or shove it on the end of a wrap-up post - we're not fussy.)

- And link back to this post. You're all welcome to use the graphic. If you don't have a blog, you can simply create a challenge shelf on Goodreads.

2. Join the link-up. 

3. Read! And you can read anything for this challenge. I don't care if it's a 900 page classic or a 30 page comic, cross off the box if it fits! It doesn't matter when you started the book either. If you finish it in 2019, it counts!

(Only because she's bitter that she couldn't count Middlemarch for anything last year.)

I'd read thirty pages of it in 2017! 30. Pages. It should have counted!

Here's a quick run-through of the categories!


The robot apocalypse is nigh! ...Assuming the aliens don't beat them to it. Luckily, you've built a spaceship in your garden shed just in time to escape the end of the world (as we know it).


The princess married the prince and they all lived happily ever after...

Until she grew bored in the palace and decided to get a divorce. Newly single, she grabbed her sword and ran off into the night to fight dragons.

European Author

An author who was born anywhere in Europe, from the UK to the Ukraine.

Married Protagonist

Whilst I was making this card, I realised that I couldn't remember the last book I'd read where the protagonist was married. Now you might be thinking, "That's because almost everything you read stars teenagers and young adults," and you'd probably be right. Still, I would love to read a book where the adventure doesn't end after the hero says, "I do."


Any book based on mythology, folklore, or at least one fairy tale counts.

No Romance

Good luck. 

Male Narrator

Since YA fiction is full of female narrators (and, since you're here, I assume you pick up a fair amount of YA fiction) I figured we'd give the guys some love.


Real fairies are, of course, evil, sneaky, stabby, little buggers, but you can read about cute, glittery ones if you want.

("Real" fairies.)

I stand by it. 


Blood families or blood brothers. Families by law or families of choice. It's your perogative.

Library Book

Support your local library in 2019! If you don't have access to a library, you can turn this into a free square.


Don't look behind you.

School Setting 

Stories set in schools, colleges, and universities. Magical or otherwise.

Character Graveyard (4+ Deaths)

Some books kill off a character. It's a poignant moment that reminds us that heroes are all too mortal.

Other books take a scythe to half the cast, leaving a path of blood and tears in their wake. These are the books this square is all about.


In fantasyland, 90% of the population have a noble title. 


So this should be an easy square to fill. Right?


Any novel with a detective. The character does not have to have the title of detective, they merely have to act as one. A schoolgirl trying to work out who stole her water bottle could fit this archetype just as well as a grizzled police veteran or a private investigator.

Graphic Novel 

Manga, comics, graphic novels... If the story is told mainly through pictures, you can count it!

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